Welcome to the Inkspiration Awards registration Website

The 6th edition of the Inkspiration Awards could put your business at the centre stage!

This annual contest showcases the very best work from HP customers and celebrates how they’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in today’s digital printing world. It’s your chance to shine a light on your creative excellence and get your company recognized across the printing industry – because great work deserves to be celebrated!

Submit your entries before May 1st!

As this is a DRUPA year we would like to make it even more special! On this edition we will have 4 different categories to participate:

  • Connecting with consumers: engagement has become a need on the actual market, HP Indigo has help printers and brands to create boundaries with customers in a different and more powerful way. On this category we will include jobs that have used different HP Indigo capabilities as SmartStream Mosaic, Collage, Personalization and Limited editions.
  • Sustainability: one of the strongest actual market trends that it’s part of HP Indigo DNA become a sustainable solution. This category will include everything related with Recyclable substrates, Biodegradable products, HP Water Inks connected and everything that implies Reducing waste and creating Environmental awareness.
  • Speed to Market: Digitalization is helping brands to become more effective and respond to consumers claims in a faster and quicker turnaround timeline. Examples of Printing on Demand, Test Marketing, Web to Print solutions or related with short and special editions it’s what this category will include.
  • High End Consumers: As the category name suggest we will include all connected with premium printing, it can belong to different markets as Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Spirits, Security or any luxury market in general.

*If you have doubts on what category will you belong, don’t worry the Inkspirations Awards Team will be reviewing all your entries ensuring the jobs are properly mapped.

Last year’s awards ceremony in Port Aventura was a huge success and this year is set to be even bigger. For the very first time, this year the exclusive awards ceremony will take place at DRUPA in Dusseldorf where all the EMEA finalists will be exposed in a privilege area.

A Social Media campaign will be launched, between May and June to announce who are the finalists. Winners will be announced at DRUPA. Don’t lose the opportunity to be shown and shine among the globe!

Please, read carefully the official rules before registering


Last registration date

1st of May, 2020

Event location

HP Solution Show Case @DRUPA Dusseldorf

16th-26th June, 2020

Official rules

The objective of the HP Inkspiration Awards program is to recognize and reward excellence in the field of digital printing. Selection of the award-winning entry in each category is conducted through a scoring process in which a panel of judges -comprised of accomplished printing industry professionals- evaluates all creative and production applications of every entry. The number of awards given in each category is determined by the judges, based on the quality of work in that category.

How to register

Review the category list this website to find where your work should compete and follow the online form to enter your information.


All entries must be received by May 1st, 2020 by 23:00pm (MT.). After preparing your entries it must be delivered to the following address by the deadline date.

HP Inkspiration Awards Competition
Att: Alba Palacios
Camí de Can Graells, 1-21
Sant Cugat del Vallés 08174
Barcelona – Spain

It is important that you do not miss this deadline.

Eligibility requirements

Must be printed using HP Indigo.


All Entries Must

  • Meet all eligibility and deadline requirements
  • Provide signed customer/brand consent form
  • Complete entry form (complying to consent questions contained within the entry form)
  • Conform to defined submission requirements (see below)

Entry Identification

Attach the Entry number included on the printable entry/confirmation form generated when you submitted your entry information online or from your confirmation email. The entry number must be firmly affixed on the back or on the envelope the piece is shipped in.

Submission of entries

Physical submissions are REQUIRED for all entries.

General commercial submission requirements

Category requirements:

  • Connecting with consumers: 3-5 copies
  • Sustainability: 3 – 5 copies
  • Speed to Market: 3 – 5 copies
  • High End Consumers: 3 – 5 copies

Entries will not be returned.

Judging procedures

Judging will be conducted in accordance with the guidance provided by the competition administrators.

Decisions of judges and competition administrators, including eligibility, qualifications and appropriate category placements, are final.


All entries must be received by May 1st, 2020 by 23:00pm (MT.).